Company Policy

Since 2015, Aldieri Autotrasporti S.p.A has had an Organization and Management Model pursuant to Leg. Decree 231/01.

The Company considers the correct management of work quality, environment and security issues as a major factor for business growth and further considers the Company Management System as a fundamental tool for defining and achieving preset goals.

What is more, the Management undertakes to comply with environmental and security laws in workplaces and to constantly upgrade its environmental standards by constantly monitoring its direct and indirect environmental aspects.

The General Management bases its business on the following company principles:

  • Introduction and maintaining of all measures required to ensure its business complies with legal and voluntary provisions;
  • Search for the constant upgrading of environmental, security and quality standards, adopting all necessary provisions to achieve the expected results;
  • Commitment to prevent pollution in all the activities performed by the company;
  • Commitment towards preventing accidents to protect the health and safety of company workers;
  • Adoption of all measures to prevent energy waste and keep consumption monitored;
  • Focus on the management of sustainable logistics in collaboration with its suppliers;
  • Assessment and control of direct and indirect environmental and safety aspects, in progress or to be implemented;
  • Implementation of measures to make sure that suppliers/contractors working on behalf of the company apply environmental and safety provisions in accordance with company procedures;
  • Satisfying customer requests by meeting the required quality standards;

These results are achieved by:

  • The upgrading of company business activities such as the continuous updating of its vehicle fleet and storage capacity;
  • Ongoing staff training;
  • Managerial activities for the purpose of:
    • Stimulating staff involvement and participation;
    • Highlighting and promoting the participation and proactive capacity of staff members;
    • Informing and fostering the awareness of company staff;
    • Formulating operating, management and technical procedures which represent a guide for carrying out the various company business activities;

The company management is firmly intent on boosting the evolution of the “Company Management System” by doing everything necessary to achieve set goals.