Company Policy / Code of Ethics

Organizational, management and control model (pursuant to Leg. Decree 231/01)

The internal control system of Aldieri Autotrasporti S.p.A. is outlined in the so-called “Model 231″, formalized by resolution of the Board of Directors on 13 May 2016.

Model 231 contains all the principles, rules and provisions regarding the organizational-operative setup, reporting and management of our company.

Together with the Code of Ethics, it represents a reference tool for managing the control system of the sensitive activities aimed at the prevention of the risk of committing offences provided by Legislative Decree no. 231 dated 8 June 2001, and the exclusion of the Companies from related administrative responsibility.

The Code of Ethics indicates the general principles of transparency, propriety and professionalism which inspire Companies during the carrying out of their business activities.

The member of the Supervisory Board, who refers to the Board of Directors, is Lawyer Barbara Anzani.

A more complete description of the duties and powers attributed to the Supervisory Board is shown on the provided documents:

To send indications, explanations or information, the member of the Supervisory Board can be contacted by email at